Our website is a professional content aggregation platform integrating connotation and appearance, covering all-round high-quality content such as comedy, music, film and television, entertainment, games, life, sketches, military, automobile, news and so on. Relying on powerful technical algorithms, we are committed to providing you with better content.

We operate a global news media organization with locations in many countries around the world. Our best works can create real audience participation and stimulate the influence of the real world.

Our mission is to provide a platform for everyone to speak and a window to observe the world; We believe that everyone has the right to speak. If we listen to each other, share and use our stories to build our own community, it will make the world a better place

We follow the principles

Freedom of speech
We believe that people should be able to express freely, share opinions and stimulate open dialogue, and creative freedom will give birth to new voices, forms and possibilities.
Freedom of information
We believe that everyone should have convenient and open access to information, and video is a powerful tool to spread knowledge, promote understanding and record global events.
Freedom of opportunity
We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be recognized, build a career and achieve self-defined success. Fashion trends are determined by the public rather than the authorities.
Freedom of belonging
We believe that everyone should be able to find communities from which to draw support, break down barriers and transcend geographical boundaries, and get together because of common interests and passions.

When you use the website, you will be in a big family with members all over the world. Every wonderful new community function on the website is based on a certain degree of trust. Millions of users respect this trust, and we hope you will shoulder the corresponding responsibilities. To ensure that everyone can have an interesting and pleasant website experience, the best way is to follow these guidelines.

You may not like to see some content on the website. If you think some content is inappropriate, please use the report inappropriate content function to submit it to our employees for review. Our employees work all year round and will carefully review the reported contents to determine whether they violate our community guidelines.

Community guidelines

Here are some common sense rules to help you avoid trouble. Please pay attention to these rules and keep them in mind. Don't try to find loopholes in these rules or justify your behavior through a lawyer. Please understand these guidelines and try to respect the original intention of these guidelines.

Naked or pornographic content
Our purpose is not to promote pornographic or explicit content. If your video has such content, even if it is about your own video, please do not publish it on the website. In addition, please note that we work closely with law enforcement departments and will report any content related to the exploitation of children.
Hazardous or dangerous contents
Don't encourage children to commit dangerous behaviors (especially those that may cause serious injuries) to others. For videos showing such harmful or dangerous behaviors, we may set age limits or remove them according to the severity of the content.
Hate propaganda
Our products encourage freedom of expression, but the content shall not promote or condone violence against individuals or groups for reasons such as race or ethnicity, religious belief, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, caste, sexual orientation and gender identity, nor incite hatred based on these core characteristics.
Violent or realistic content
Do not publish violent or bloody content to scare people or cause a sensation, and do not publish such content for no reason. If you want to publish such realistic content in news or documentary situations, please be sure to provide sufficient information to help users understand what is about to appear in the video. Do not encourage others to commit specific acts of violence.
Bullying, stalking, threats, harassment, coercion, invasion of privacy, disclosure of other people's personal information and incitement to violence or violation of the terms of use will be dealt with seriously. If anyone is found to have the above behavior, we may ban them from logging in to the website forever
Respect copyright. Upload only videos you have made or you have permission to use. In other words, do not upload videos that are not made by you, and do not use copyrighted content in your videos without necessary authorization, such as music tracks, clips of copyrighted programs, or videos made by other users. Please visit our copyright center for more information.。
If someone publishes your personal information or uploads your video without your permission, you can request to remove such content in accordance with our privacy guidelines.
Impersonate others
According to our policy on impersonation, accounts created to impersonate other channels or individuals may be removed.

We know that security and privacy are very important to you, but they are equally important to us. We provide you with strong security guarantee to make you believe that your information is safe and can be accessed at any time when you need it, which is the top priority of our work.

We have been sparing no effort to ensure a high degree of security, protect users' privacy and provide services to users in a more feasible and effective way. We invest hundreds of millions of dollars in security every year and hire world-renowned experts in data security to ensure the security of user information.


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